Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vegan MOFO: Wicked Wednesday

 Vegan Twizt Tempuna Salad

Yikes, I've just been wicked for not posting for a few days! Life got sooo busy and will remain so for another week at least! The perfectionist in my tells me I have to have an original recipe every day with original photos, but I know I could just write something about a vegan topic!

So, here's a compromise today! It will be original artwork (mine) but someone else's food!

I do some pro-bono work for a local (San Francisco Bay Area) family-run vegan start-up called Vegan Twizt. They make amazing fresh vegan meals and either deliver to your door or sell at local farmers markets. Please take a look at their website if you live in the area and give them a call! Or, look in your area for someone who is doing the same thing!

Support a local vegan businessperson by buying their food!
Vegan Twizt Key Lime Pie/Cheesecake

My full disclosure: I do get paid in food!

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