About Margaret

I am Margaret Pearson Pinkham and I reside in Northern California. I have been a (near*) vegan for 20 years. I am raising my (very healthy) young daughter as a vegan. My sister is also a vegetarian.

My DH is not veg'n, but has chosen not to eat pork or red meat. I have friends who are honest-to-gosh vegans from head to toe, as well as plenty of carnivorous and omnivorous ones. I am an equal-opportunity friend.

I have always wanted to write a cookbook, and I think I have finally hit on the right idea. The time has come. The time is now.

* I say "near" since I am so darn close. Maybe a 99% vegan. Most days I am 100%. But sometimes I know something will slip by me. I used to occasionally eat baked goods that might have egg or dairy in them, but I don't even eat wheat anymore, so I don't even do that.  Everything on this site is 100% vegan.