Wednesday, July 2, 2008

All Chapters in the Cookbook

The order and the titles might change, but here are the ideas as of today. I'm sure there will be more added. I'll try to make sure that every post is labeled with the "Chapter Title" so you can easily see what's been written or the recipes that fall in a certain category if you are searching for them.

This post will be re-posted in segments so I can get all the chapters in the label function of this blog to work like an index. (There is a character limit to "labels.")

Chapter Titles and Summaries

Chapter 1 -Really, who is this cookbook for?
It's for the friends and family of people who are vegan, vegetarian or raw-foodists, henceforth referred to as "Veg'n." Or those that wish to become a friend (or family member). I'm not a raw-foodist, so I will need help here.

Chapter 2- You're a Vega-what?
Different types of vegetarianisms are defined.

Chapter 3- You don't eat what?
All the stuff Veg'ns don't eat and a few reasons why. So there's understanding.

Chapter 4-You eat what?
All the stuff that seems weird to our non-veg'n friends. You know--tempeh, seitan, tofu, miso, etc. Kinda like a Veg'n-to-Carnivore Foreign Language Dictionary.

Chapter 5-You're a Veg'n and allergic to what?
Some help on how to cook for those who might also have food allergies, intolerances or general avoidances of certain things are that actually veg'n. (Like wheat, soy, gluten, sugar, etc.)

Chapter 6-I can use what instead of chicken?
Easy substitutions (maybe) to use in your current recipes--meat analogs, dairy/egg substitutes, etc.

Chapter 7 Recipes

Chapter 7a Breakfast

Chapter 7b Appetizers

Chapter 7c Entrees

Chapter 7d Salads

Chapter 7e Soups

Chapter 7f Baking

Chapter 7g Sweets

Chapter 7h Misc

Chapter 7i Drinks

Chapter 8-Can I buy you a drink?
Tips on dating a veg'n. How to impress. How not to offend. And a short course on veg'n wine and beer.

Chapter 9-You mean you don't like this leather handbag I got you?
Gift-giving tips.

Chapter 10-Anything else?
A summary of the book, my hopes and dreams for the reader--you know, world peace and understanding through veg'nism, tolerance, acceptance, education, conversion, etc.

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