Monday, February 6, 2012

BBQ Tofu "Wings" & Vegan Ranch Dressing

I got inspired to make something for Superbowl Sunday that was semi-traditional, but easy. I got the recipe for the BBQ sauce off the internet, but when I looked up BBQ Tofu (for how long to bake the tofu) in my Veganomican, I realized the recipe came straight from there! These are tasty, especially if you haven't eaten BBQ much since it's usually just slathered on poor little dead animal parts. The "wings" here are a nod to our "new" 1959 Shasta Travel Trailer, which, sadly, has lost her wings. We'll get them back for her! I'll post recipes shortly.

This is what our girl could look like once we are done. Notice the shape of her wings on the top left.

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