Friday, August 26, 2011

Home-Grown Smoker

We walked over to the Home-Grown Smoker food cart in downtown Portland (just 2 blocks from our hotel) which was staying open late just for conference attendees. After wolfing down a cupcake and a couple of glasses of champagne (and some "Cheese" and crackers) at the opening reception, I managed to have a few bites of these. All sooo good, but this poor tummy is full! Forgive the quality of the photos–I used my iPhone.

SloMoFoMo (Soy Curls in BBQ + Sweet Potato Fries)

 Chili-Mac (enough for two people, by the way!)

Coconut battered deep-fried oreos. You heard me.
And chocolate dipping sauce.
Yeah, it was way over the top, but I had to, really didn't I?
It's not like I live in Portland...
You should know you get 4 with an order. 
Two somehow disappeared before I could photograph them.

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Cheryl said...

I so wish I would have had room for the fried oreos! The Chili Mac was amazing. I have talked about it and the corn dogs for days!